It was a privilege for Europe Startup Nations Alliance to be part of the first group of the G20 India, exclusively focused on Startups.
The inception meeting of this Startup20 Engagement group took place in Hyderabad – India with the purpose to start working together to recommend actions to the G20 Leaders that address growth challenges and other constraints for the startup ecosystem.
During these past couple of days, the topics laid down for discussion where:
1️⃣ Foundations and Alliances:
🔹 Harmonization of startup related definitions & terminologies and setting up institutional mechanisms for the startup ecosystems across G20 nations to make connections and build capacities
2️⃣ Finance:
🔹 Enable the flow of global capital into startups across sectors.
🔹 Promote investment of patient capital in startups working on areas of global interest (e.g., green economy)
🔹 Create a policy framework to harmonize investment mechanism across the G20 member nations.
3️⃣ Inclusion and Sustainability:
🔹 Exchanging and promoting global best practices by startup ecosystem in inclusion and sustainability across G20 member nations
🔹 A framework for engaging startups working on common SDGs from across G20 member nations.
ESNA thanks the European Commission for selecting us to represent the European Union, and hope to live up to the challenge.
We were also very glad to be accompanied by some of our european colleagues from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.